Hoop n Hike

-Scandinavias first hoop retreat
Your arctic hoop experience

Imagine you traveling to the edge of the world. A string of Islands out in the ocean.  Alpine peaks rising from sea level.  Never-ending days where the sky is changing from blue, to grey, to pink, orange and burning red. You  exploring your hooping, expanding your views and enjoying nature.

We call this place the magic islands. You sense why once you arrive. Welcome to Lofoten.

Your Arctic Hoop Experience

This years Schedule

An adventure filled with

  • 5 days with hoop workshops, hiking and excursions
  • International and local  instructors eager to share their passion
  • One day exploration of the magical Lofoten Islands
  • Daily hiking opportunities
  • Silent time
  • Hoop-jams and show night
  • Additional workshops to complement your body, mind and soul movement dance, deep listening meditation, yoga
  • 5 days and 5 nights accommodation in shared rooms, fisherman style houses

     Your experience

  • Enjoying the arctic nature
  • Exploring your hooping
  • Expanding your views
  • New friendships
  • The global hoop community
  • The local history
  • Tasty home cooked food, local fresh fish and vegan/vegetarian options

    Optional Activities

  • Stand Up Paddling or Sea Kayaking with local guide
  • Fishing trips with boat
  • Arctic surfing / surf lesson
  • Swimming in the arctic ocean
  • staying up late and possibly seeing the northern lights

Meet the instructors






Emma discovered hooping in 2007 while she doing her PhD.  She hung up her lab coat in 2010 and took the leap into full time hooping. She has never looked back! Emma is a hugely experienced teacher and is known internationally as a master of wedgies and twin hoops.

Tal grasps her hoop-dancing as a way for self-expression. Flowing togheter with a plastic circle and the attempt to find the delicate bond between the body and the space around us is a great way to acquire self-balance, and it’s viewed by Tal as a form of meditation. Read more

is in love with circle shapes, dance, juggling, chocolate and traveling!  The last  ten years she has traveled all over the world to exchange skills with the best hoopers, dancers, jugglers and movement masters. Read more



 is a passionate and dedicated dancer with a focus on the five rhythms. She is a Body Movement Coach and have taught dance for kids and adults. She started Soul Movement dance  after moving to Lofoten. Soul Movement is a dance movement meditation practice where you explore your body and it’s potential to move and dance in it’s own uniqe way. Read more


or  Ho Rockeringdama is your proud host,  local guide, Hoop Love Coach and the founder of Hoop N Hike.  In addition to making sure everything runs smoothly throughout the event she will also share her Deep Listening meditation with you.  . Read More



Book your arctic hoop experience!

Hoop n Hike -Your Arctic Hoop Experience,    Skrova, Lofoten Islands, Norway

The retreat runs 5 days and 5 nights and will start with opening circle Tuesday night at 21.30 (09.30pm) the 28th of August and end Sunday 2nd of September at 13.30 (01.30pm). The boat to Bodø recently changed their departure and will leave Skrova at 16.10 arriving in Bodø at 19.30 ( Meaning you’ll be able to reach planes leaving 20.30 and later. The other obtion is to take the plane from SVJ-BOO,  you’ll be able to catch the planes leaving after 11.15.  We will adjust after your needs.

Your Hoop n Hike adventure includes all amazing workshops, three daily meals, (vegetarian/vegan options), accommodation fishermen style housing -shared rooms, a few single rooms available,  or budget option (bring your own sleeping bag/mat),  daily hikes,  silent time for you to explore or relax, stand-up paddeling,  and one full day excursion of the Lofoten Islands. During our full day excursion we will hike a mountain, visit one of our beautiful beaches,  where you will have the obtion (at your cost) of renting surf gear, taking a surf lesson or simply enjoy hooping or relaxing on the beach, and we will enjoy eating our lunch and dinner outside. In the nights you might be able to see the wonders of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).


300 EURO 

Want to go on the arctic hoop adventure but can’t pay all at once?
We offer a payment plan where you divide your payment in four batches (80 Euros in administrations fee will be added an divided in your four payments).  Pay the first deposit of 300 Euros to save your spot. The remaining amount will be divided in three payments sent as PayPal invoices.  The deposit is non-refundable. Full price to be paid at the latest August 10th.

When buying a ticket you agree to these terms and conditions.

Hoop n Hike adventure save 115 of full price (910 Euro)
795 EURO 

 Bed in shared room. Includes all amazing workshops, all tasty meals, excursion day trip,  accommodation in traditional fishermen style housing.

When buying a ticket you agree to these terms and conditions.

Hoop n Hike budget
680 EURO

Budget accommodation on the floor in the gymnastic hall.

Includes all amazing workshops, all tasty meals, excursion day trip, you bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat (every morning you´ll have to move your sleeping gear to the storage room).

When buying a ticket you agree to these terms and conditions.