Blending the local with the global, getting ready to explore, learn and make great hoop memories. Hoop n Hike is here to share the arctic hoop experience with you.

The second edition of Hoop n Hike will happen at the island of Skrova in stunningly beautiful Lofoten, Norway. Tuesday night the 28th of August you will arrive by boat/ferry and we welcome you to the opening circle of your arctic hoop adventure. You will be accommodated in shared rooms, historically fisherman style. The next morning you will have a short walk and breathe in the arctic air on your way to the modern gymnastic hall where we will have our breakfast, lunch and all indoor hoop classes. This will be our main hangout, with a nice outdoor deck and a stunning view of the harbour.  Each day there will be guided hikes where we explore the island, the small mountain peak, and the white sand beaches, and of course we do bring our hoops for outdoor jams.  During the time you are here the nights are still very light, even though the sun has started setting again, after two months with the midnight sun. The sun rises around 05.20 am and sets at around 20.30.  In between these hours  you might have the chance of getting glimpses of the aurora borealis or northern lights.  Can you imagine yourself hooping under the northern lights?

This is an intimate retreat with a limited number of participants. This means you get more time with the instructors and together with your new hoop friends have time to explore and develop your hooping while expanding your views and enjoying the arctic nature.

New to hooping or more advanced? Our hoop instructors are skilled teachers for all levels and will give you individual guidance at your level. In addition to hooping, we also have soul movement dance, yoga and deep listening workshops, which are all helpful tools to free your movements in your hoop, soften and strengthen your muscles and listen in a new way.

Come get inspired, learn something new, expand your skills to the next level. And enjoy the beautiful arctic nature in Lofoten.

Ho Rockeringdama (en. the hoop lady)  is your proud host of the Hoop n Hike retreat.  Get to know Elisabeth in this interview by Deanne Love

Elisabeth Færøy Lund, certified Hoop Love Coach,  picked up her first hoop in 2010,  after a jaw dropping  youtube moment of Brecken Rivara tearing it up at some festival. After moving to Lofoten in 2014 she decided to go deeper into hooping and started teaching classes and holding workshops.  Her experience from traveling and meeting the global hoop community taught her that hooping does not only give you a  stronger body and a better sense of yourself,  but it also brings new friendships and inspiration wherever you go.  Elisabeth is also an artist and a mountain guide, with a strong sense of creating a comfortable setting for people to meet. In the Hoop n Hike retreat she unites her passion for hoop dance and the healing force of being in nature, and is eager to share it with you.





Proud to have a great team of international and local instructors and helping hands who will do their best to make this an unforgettable arctic hoop experience for you.

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