Meet your instructors

Buket Rin is a very curious and determined hooper who likes to embody different styles and ideas. She is based in Sweden and like to tour around Europe whenever she can to share this passion of flow and fire.  Apparently, hula hooping….read more

One of the pioneers of hooping in India, Eshna Kutty is out to slowly spread the love of it in her country. She started out as a hula hooper 7 years ago but now prefers the designation of ‘Hoop Dancer’. To her the hula hoop is like a dance partner…. read more

is a dynamic and technical contemporary hoop dancer and a renowned hoop teacher based in the UK. She has been voted both International Female Hooper of the Year and Hoop Instructor of the year in the awards. Gail has performed and taught extensively….read more


//Ho Rockeringdama is your proud host,  local guide, Hoop Love Coach and the founder of Hoop N Hike.  In addition to making sure everything runs smoothly throughout the event she will also share her Deep Listening meditation with you…. read More

Soul Movement Dance: 


 is a passionate and dedicated dancer with a focus on the five rhythms. She is a Body Movement Coach and have taught dance for kids and adults. She started Soul Movement dance  after moving to Lofoten. Soul Movement is a dance movement meditation practice where you explore your body and it’s potential to move and dance in it’s own uniqe way. Read more