Lofoten is far away, how do I get here?  to start your planning, check out Travel to Lofoten

Where is this magic place?  The Lofoten archipelago is located in the sea, at the north of the Arctic Circle and between the latitudes of 67° and 68° in Norway.

I am totally new to hoop dancing, is this retreat for me? We love to have beginners onboard, and our teachers are skilled at teaching you at the level you are on, from beginner to more advanced. Don´t hesitate to write an email if you have any questions/concerns about this: )

Hiking sounds scary, will I be fit enough? Elisabeth or your other local guide are used to taking tourist of all ages up in the mountains, and will make sure that you feel comfortable, safe and will enjoy the spectacular view from the top. On the Excursion day, we may hike a bit higher, but there will always be options to stop and wait, and purely enjoy and take in the scenery. The mountains reach up to around 1000 meters above sea level, most vary from 200-800 m.a.s.  On  our hikes there will always be options to stop and wait, and purely enjoy and take in the scenery. 

Climate and clothing, the arctic must be very cold,  what should I wear? We do live in the arctic, but because of the warm Gulf Stream we have a milder climate than other northern areas in the world, like Alaska and Greenland, which are located at the same latitude.  The coastal climate in Lofoten makes the winters mild and summers relatively cool. In July the average temperature is 13°C. And if we are lucky it can be up to 23°C. January and February are the coldest months, with a mean temperature of minus 1°C. Don´t let this scare you, bring layers, and you´ll be fine.   How to dress, in Norway we are strong believers in woolen clothing, we often wear light wool closest to the body, and ticker wool clothing over that. However you choose to dress, we do recommend that you bring wind and water resistant outher clothing, and warmer layers to have inside of this. Normally wool or fleece will keep you warmer than cotton.  For hiking, boots with a rougher sole is recommended. But again, bring what you have. Don´t have to buy expensive boots for this one trip: ) Inside our houses we tend to keep it warm and cosy. 

What to bring? Most importantly bring your lovely self, your favorite hoop (there will be hoops for you to borrow and for purchasing also), wind and water-resistant jacket /pants. Good shoes, warm clothing, but also lighter comfortable clothing for practicing indoors and a bikini because  the tourquise water might tempt you more than you think; ) 

What if I want to explore more of Lofoten after the retreat? Of course you should explore more of Lofoten when you travel this far. Our team will give you our best tips and secret spots and recommendation for where to go and sleep and so on. One of the days we will have an excursion leaving Skrova and giving you a taste of our favorite places in Lofoten. If you want to explore more after the retreat there are plenty of obtions. Interested in vikings? Want to try Arctic Surfing, or rock climbing?  Other info ? 

What is included in the ticket?  In your ticket all workshops are included, all hoop-workshops and additional workshop, like soul movement dance, listening meditation (to be announced), 3 delicious meals a day, evening snack on arrival day, breakfast and lunch on last day  accommodation in traditional fisherman’s housing, shared rooms, 4 or 2 persons each room. (If you have special needs, send us an email and we will try our best to help you out.) Daily guided hikes, hooping in the arctic. Excursion day in buss, including hike, visit to a beautiful beach, lunch and dinner served somewhere on our trip, sightseeing and getting to know our favorite spots.

What is not included in the ticket? Your travel to and from the retreat is not included in the ticket. Neither is optional activities and opportunities, as photo sessions, fishing trips, sea kayaking, sea eagle safari. The retreats end at 13.30 hr on Sunday so you can take the ferry  back to the Svolvær or  boat/hurtigbåt back Bodø.   If you decide to stay longer in Lofoten, we will give you tips for places to stay. 

Terms and conditions ? please read before booking!

More questions? Don´t hestitate to email  horockeringdama@gmail.com and we will do our best to answer asap: )