Tanya Tamburaci Wegge

Soul Movement is a dance movement meditation practice where you explore your body and it’s potential to move and dance in it’s own uniqe way.

The intention is to listen to your body with fully presence, to include breath, any emotions, thoughts, physical sensations and anything that is alive inside or outside of you to be a part of your dance journey.

In the dance you learn the language to express the self.

I invite you to an two hours dance journey, where I’ll be dj:ing different kinds of music and create an open space for you to follow the flow of your body.

Tanya Tamburaci Wegge is a passionate and dedicated dancer with a focus on the five rhythms. She is a Body Movement Coach and have taught dance for kids and adults. She started Soul Movement dance  after moving to Lofoten.  Let´s dance together in this workout for the body and spirit which can catalyze deep healing.

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak” — Hopi Indian Saying